If your garment says dry cleaning only, please follow those instructions.


Hand washing.

Use a small amount of wool detergent always NOT clothes detergent. Woolskin (see image below) is excellent for washing knitwear.


Wash & rinse in cool water temperature.

Spin out excess water.

Dry flat on a clothes horse or similar.

Iron inside out using a hankie over the garment.


Our sheepskins can only be washed with Woolskin sheepskin wash which is available at The Sheeps Back!

Remove/rinse solids before wetting.

Vaccum/shake the skin to remove dust, dirt, sand etc.

Place in machine, turn OFF the hot water tap.

Cold water, wool cycle.

Add Woolskin as directed.


On completion, re spin the skin to rid excess water,shake out, dry flat in the shade on a clothes horse, away from direct not in front of heat pumps, fires or sunshine.